Care Support Worker Development Programme

Looking to kickstart your Career in the NHS?

Care Support Worker – Development Programme

Our Care Support Worker Development (CSWD) programme is your point of entry into the NHS. We offer a unique opportunity to learn on the job. You do not necessarily need any experience in healthcare or to have worked as a carer previously. Completing this programme will help you build and develop the key skills and experience required to become a Care Support Worker (CSW), all whilst receiving weekly pay, paid annual leave and all of the other great benefits NHS Professionals offers our bank members. Once you have successfully completed the programme you will be able to work flexibly at any of our partner Trusts.

Discover the programme

Clement and Justyna completed the Care Support Worker Development Programme in Nottingham, see how the programme has helped them and how the programme supports their Trust.

Joining the programme

You will be required to complete the recruitment process carried out by NHS Professionals, in partnership with the Trust you have applied to complete the programme with we will then provide you with 5-6 days’ classroom training to achieve an introduction to the Care Certificate standards – plus a further 37.5 hours of ward-based, supervised practice.

What the programme involves

During our programme you will learn how to help to maintain a safe care environment in the ward/department, supporting with infection control, providing care, safety and welfare for patients, visitors and other staff. You will work as part of the healthcare team, supporting registered nurses and other healthcare practitioners.

You will be assigned to an agreed period of paid, supervised work within your Trust. Throughout this period, you will be registered with NHS Professionals as a junior Care Support Worker on a flexible basis. During the assignment, you will be expected to undertake and complete a Care Certificate workbook with the added support of your ward and mentors.

Once you have completed the programme

Once you have completed your development period, you take a knowledge-based assessment on the Care Certificate 15 Standards, once passed , you can work as a CSW for the Trust at any of their locations, and at any of NHS Professionals partner Trusts , through the bank. Being a bank member with NHS Professionals means you will receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive Pay Rates – Work this week, get paid next week!
  • First choice of shifts – Access to shifts before they are available to agency
  • Flexible working to suit your lifestyle – Take control of when you want to work.
  • Build Annual Leave with every shift you work
  • Book and manage your shifts on the go – Access shifts anywhere, anytime, online or through your smartphone
  • Stakeholder pension scheme

To view vacancies for the programme, search Trainee Care Support Worker Development on

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