Kamila is working for NHS Professionals as well as studying to become a nurse, she has previously overcome lifesaving surgery and was inspired by the passion and dedication of staff across the NHS.


Name: Kamila

Trust Name: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Staff Group: Support Services

Years working for NHS: 1-3 years

Years working for NHS Professionals: 1-3 years


Why do you love working for the NHS?

The NHS staff are like a family away from home for those in hospital. We care for patients at their most vulnerable and our devotion can be a difference between them having a great or a poor recovery. Small acts of kindness can make someone's day. The staff are amazing team workers and support each other through challenging moments of life and death. For these reasons I think this is a very special and unique job and I would not want to be doing anything else.


How does flexible working make a difference to your life?

I am in my 3rd year studying to be a nurse so between hospital placement and university, it would be very hard to keep up a job with set hours. Flexible working allows me to book shifts whenever and wherever even a day in advance. This really fits in with my hectic schedule.


What has been your proudest moment working for the NHS?

When I did CPR on a patient while working on A&E. I was doing a shift as a healthcare assistant and I was asked to help to do chest compressions as the other staff were getting tired. Without a second thought I stepped in and eventually, against all odds, we managed to save them. This was a very proud moment and I had a little cry to one of the nurses at the end of my shift just because of how overwhelmed and proud of I was to be part of something so great as saving someone's life.


Tell us about your past

I am originally from Poland and moved here when I was 10 years old. I have always had an interest in medical/nursing professions but only decided on nursing when I was 16. This was when I had to undergo two lifesaving neurosurgeries to remove a benign brain tumour. The passion and dedication the staff had and the way they took care of me inspired me to set my mind on nursing from then on.


Tell us about your life outside of the hospital

I like to keep active and I am always up for new experiences. I play tennis and guitar, I love going swimming, going to music gigs and spending time with friends and family.


You can take 3 items with you when stranded on a desert island, what do you take?

Item #1 good book

Item #2 mobile phone

Item #3 matches


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Nursing & Midwifery
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Support Services

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