Rose works with the elderly, after discovering a passion for care from a young age when she looked after elderly relatives. She has an amazing outlook on life, on the contributions that the older generation have made to the younger, and strives to do all she can to look after them in their more vulnerable years.


Name: Rose

Trust Name: Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Staff Group: Support Services

Years working for NHS: less than 1 year

Years working for NHS Professionals: less than 1 year




Why do you love working for the NHS?

NHS is a broad organization that helps to build your dreams and your skills of becoming a better person in the society. My sense of human is always at peace when I make a person feel loved and accepted in any way I could. I have so much empathy in me that always prompt me to act in any circumstances. I became a nurse at the age of 12yrs old back home in Africa without knowing what I was doing has a name or meaning in this part of the world. I used to live with my aunty who was a diabetic patient, I will serve her breakfast get her washed, gave her medication and leave the afternoon dose on her bed side with water and will tell her to take after lunch before leaving for school. Also my father was 90yrs when he passed away, at his age he couldn't do much for himself so I took it upon myself to bath him cut his nails and shave his hair and makes him comfortable all the time whiles my mum also help along, we were 8 siblings but I was the only one fond of doing that, it gave me so much joy giving out those services. When I came to live in London, the only job I have passion for was in the care, I decided to work with the vulnerable people, they reminded me of my father and his sister and I love to continue sharing that love. I believe that those pensioners have lay down their lives, by working so hard to give us a better place to live today. They have path ways for our generation to live more comfortably due to the effort they made.

We wouldn't have had a better education, hospitals, good roads, better accommodation if they had not worked to pay their taxes. And if due to illness or old age they have become vulnerable why do we have to neglect them, abuse them or harm them? this is the moments we need to show them love care, compassion, empathy and understanding. I love working for NHS because we share one common passion, love, care, and trust.


How does flexible working make a difference to your life?

Being a flexible worker has given me so many choices, to work and at the same time be there for my family. I have time to rest and spend quality time with my family without thinking of any financial difficulty. I love getting my pay every week and supporting my family. I also love the fact that you work when you feel like working there are no restriction about your timetable, you choose the day you want to work and it's a great freedom to plan your activities around you.


What has been your proudest moment working for the NHS?

By mentioning the name NHS, it adds another crown to my head, I feel so much proud, it gives respect and honour among your people, is a great tittle. Am always touch when a patient begins to thank you and bless you and at the end, I feel so proud of myself and NHS.


Tell us about your past

I had live in Italy for the past 10yrs with my family, I hand a great challenge there with their language, it became a barrier for me that put me in a lot of stress, but gradually I came out by learning the basic ones and later I had two families that I was giving assistance to, in their homes. One was a disable person and the other was a professor with a dementia wife, I go to their homes to help clean wash and shop for them. When we moved here in London, health care was my first choice of work I choose. I then enrolled myself in Croydon college to update my skills in health and social care level1, which I had finished with DM.


Tell us about your life outside of the hospital

I have 4 kids and a husband, I have enrolled myself into college again and am doing cache level3 in health and social care to become a general nurse and later upgrade to midwifery, I started this September but I want to defer to next 2yrs to work and support my big sons to finish college, they are 20 and 19 and are into construction level2. We are all into the same college Croydon, working and learning at the same time was my decision but I have realised it is too hard for me for now, so am going to drop and let them finished, get themselves into working to help support the family and so I can have peace of mind to study and don't have to think of money or stress myself. For now, I can't do both so I will only work and give them the assistance they need. A such that I write songs and love window shopping.


You can take 3 items with you when stranded on a desert island, what do you take?

Item #1 Water

Item #2 food

Item #3 blanket


Admin & Clerical
Allied Health Professionals
Nursing & Midwifery
Healthcare Scientists
Support Services

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