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As the leading provider of bank jobs in the NHS, our teams are working hard to ensure that we are supporting trusts with unfilled shift pressures and delivering high-quality patient care. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our service, we have implemented new technology across the organisation that will enable us to create a seamless experience for bank member queries, joining NHSP and more. This new system will allow us to measure and record our interactions with bank members to help resolve queries quickly, effectively and to understand what our workers need from us most.

The system is now being used by our Recruitment, Compliance and National Service Centre teams, with our local trust teams joining over the coming weeks. We have started to gather useful data from the system to understand in more detail why our customers contact us, what they contact us about and how we work to resolve their queries first time. This insight will really help us understand process problems, identify system improvements and ultimately improve the experience for both our bank members and our partner trusts.

Nicola Mcqueen Chief Operating Officer

Nicola McQueen

Chief Operating Officer


"Serving over 120,000 bank members, working flexibly across all staff groups is no mean feat! Using the right technology to support our dedicated customer services teams across the country means we can now respond to our workers and client trusts, from any location, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our ability to successfully deal with issues on first contact has increased by more than 25% in the first few weeks alone. Thank you to all of my teams that have worked tirelessly to support this initiative… onwards and upwards for our service delivery!"


We are excited about the future and the positive changes we can make with the service we offer.


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