Working Shifts at University Hospital Southampton

Trust ID Access Card

It may be necessary for you to obtain a Trust ID card which will provide access to wards and clinical areas that you might be working in.

  • Once your application and onboarding is complete, wait for your NHS Professionals ID badge to arrive in the post.
  • During your first shift, contact the relevant manager to enquire whether a Trust ID card is required. If a Trust ID card is required, the Trust manager will need to place a request with IT for you to be provided with an Access Card.
  • IT will then advise you where you need to attend to have your photo taken and what the next steps for your Access Card to be provided.

Mask Fit Testing

All staff at University Hospital Southampton are required to be mask fit tested. Appointments can be made by emailing the PPE Ops Team or calling the team directly on 023 8120 5970.

Trust IT and Clinical System Access

Nursing & Midwifery Staff

It is essential that clinical staff have completed training and have access to relevant patient management systems prior to booking their first shift.

HCAs/CSWs are required to complete:

  • SafeTrack/TRACs (electronic observation capture system)
  • Blood Glucose and Blood Ketone Point of Care Testing

RNs/RMs are required to complete:

  • SafeTrack/TRACs (electronic observation capture system)
  • JACs (for electronic prescribing) – all three modules must be completed
  • Blood Glucose and Blood Ketone Point of Care Testing

The online learning courses are available on the Trusts’ virtual learning environment (VLE) and can be accessed from your home internet. If you are due to work on any inpatient wards and do not already have access to the systems above, you must complete the relevant courses 2 working days before your first shift. This applies to all clinical staff (qualified and unqualified). To complete the training courses:

  1. Go to the VLE website -
  2. Create a new account
  3. Search for relevant courses by clicking ‘Find Courses’ and typing in the course names above
  4. Complete all modules appropriate to your role, as instructed on the course page
  5. Once you have completed the courses follow these steps:
    • SafeTrack - email stating your full name, your employer (NHS Professionals), Job Role and nursing registration number (if applicable). The team will check your training record and job status and they will then create an account with SafeTrack access. They will send the details of your account to your email address.
    • JACs – When you have completed the training, please return to the course home page and print/download your System Access Form which is linked at the bottom of the page. This form needs to be completed by you with all your details including your NMC or GMC number. Send this form to NHS Professionals will complete the authorisation and forward it to the ePrescribing team at UHS. When this process is completed you will receive an email from the ePrescribing team at UHS. If access to JAC is not used then your account will be inactivated and training will need to be repeated. If you are unsure please contact or via switchboard.
    • Blood Glucose Ketone Point of Care Testing – No further action required.

Other Information

  • Please note that the SafeTrack team’s working hours are 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday
  • If you already have an account but have forgotten your password, please ring the trust service desk on x6000 (in hours) or the switchboard on x100 (out of hours) to have your password reset.

Administration & Clerical Workers

Electronic system training is available for Admin & Clerical staff on the UHS VLE website - - Simply create an account and browse the courses that are available.

It is recommended that all Admin & Clerical staff complete the following modules which will be required in most roles:


Network Account

Admin & Clerical staff will be required to use Trust IT systems and will therefore need a Trust IT Network Account.

In order to get a Trust IT account:

  • Upon booking a shift, contact the manager who will place a request with IT for you to be provided with an IT Account.
  • The manager or IT will then advise you of any further steps required before access is provided.
  • Should you require access to any further Trust equipment or systems, this access will need to be requested through a manager in the area in which you are working as NHS Professionals do not have ability to grant this access.
  • If you need any help in finding contact details for a Trust manager, contact your on-site NHSP team who will be able to help:
    • Email -
    • Phone – 0333 014 3694

Parking & Travel

NHS Professionals Bank Members can apply for discounted parking if they live over 2 miles away from the hospital. The discounted parking costs £3 per day and can be purchased at the on-site Travelwise office (in the Trust Management Building). You will need your NHS Professionals ID and your driving license to obtain the discounted tickets. For more information click here

Getting around the hospital

Maps are provided within the Hospital and can also be found online here which will help you find your way around, but if you need any help you can contact your local NHS Professionals team by email on or by phone on 03330 143 694.