Some staff roles working at Berkshire Healthcare will be asked to complete RIO & PMVA training. 


RIO Training:


What is RIO?

RIO is an electronic patient record system which helps to provide a holistic picture of patient’s in hospital care. 


How do you complete RIO training?

Please find training instructions below for workers with/without ESR. Upon completing the training, we will activate your smartcard which will allow you to access the RIO system.

  • With ESR
  • Without ESR


How to obtain a Smartcard:

To obtain a smartcard staff will need to email: or call 0300 365 2438 and choose option 2 and request an appointment.


PMVA Training:


What is PMVA training?

PMVA stands for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression.

This training aims to:

  • Develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of violence and aggression in the workplace
  • Develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of prediction and prevention strategies in managing violence and aggression
  • Provide participants with core physical and non-physical intervention skills relevant to their working environment
  • Develop participants’ observation and communication skills
  • Make participants aware of all policies related to PMVA  


This training also includes Breakaway Techniques and PSTS so you do not need to book onto these courses separately.

How do you complete PMVA Training?

Email to get enrolled.


Please note: You must work a minimum of 4 shifts per month to be eligible for PMVA training.

For further information about training please speak with your local NHSP team!