Introducing NHS Professionals Service Awards

Recognising your loyalty to NHS Professionals 

We are delighted to announce that we have launched NHS Professionals Service Awards for Bank Members working shifts at Harrogate NHS Foundation Trust. This is a scheme to recognise our members’ loyalty to the NHS and NHS Professionals.

What are NHS Professionals Service Awards?

Working on the Bank often means working with different colleagues each shift. We want our members to feel proud of the contributions they make to the NHS and we want to make it easy for colleagues across the NHS to recognise our members' dedication. 

NHS Professional Service Awards are pin badges given in recognition of Bank Members who are demonstrating loyalty to the NHS and NHS Professionals by reaching set shift milestones since registering with NHS Professionals:

  • 250 shifts worked (Bronze Award)
  • 500 shifts worked (Silver Award)
  • 1,000 shifts worked (Gold Award) 

The Service Award badges can be worn on shift as a symbol of your experience, expertise, and commitment.

Alongside the badges, Bank Members will receive a personalised thank you card. Members receiving Silver and Gold Awards will also receive a voucher (Silver £10, Gold £20) as an additional thank you.

Do I need to register for the NHS Professionals Service Award loyalty scheme?

You do not need to take any action to register for NHS Professionals’ Service Award loyalty scheme. Any shifts you work at Harrogate NHS Foundation Trust via NHS Professionals will count towards the scheme.

Shifts will be counted from your most recent start date. This means that if you have registered with NHS Professionals more than once over the years, shifts will be counted from your most recent start date.

Each month, you will receive an update via email about your recent shift activity and your total shifts with NHS Professionals to date.

What else do I need to know?

For now, this is a pilot scheme being run for Bank Members working shifts at Harrogate NHS Foundation Trust only. The pilot scheme will run for a minimum of 12 months. Communications will be sent about the continuation or discontinuation of the scheme in due course.

Throughout the year, you may be sent short surveys to complete regarding your experience of NHS Professionals. The surveys will take no more than 1 minute to complete but give NHS Professionals valuable information about ways we can improve the pilot scheme for you. Please do all you can to complete the short surveys.