Doctors Bankshare

Bankshare® with Doctors Direct

In Partnership with Doctors Direct, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and The Pennine Acute Trust we have introduced Bankshare®, sharing our Bank with nearby Trusts, giving you greater access to locum shifts closer to you. Whatever your availability, we value your skills and experience. Bankshare® can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle.

What can Bankshare® offer me?

  • Choice of locum shifts across 2 Trusts
  • Paid Annual Leave
  • Competitive weekly pay
  • Your own dedicated Doctors Direct contact
  • Working shifts through Doctors Direct helps save your Trust money

Where can you work?

You can work locum shifts at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and The Pennine Acute Trust.

For more information you can contact your dedicated Doctors Direct contact based at your Trust:

Salford Royal

Claire Fox – Trust Services Partner for Doctors

T: 07990674239

Office: 2nd Floor, Room D3-9,

CSB Building, Salford Royal Hospital,

Stott Lane, Salford, M6 8HD


Benjamin Johnson - Trust Services Partner for Doctors (Royal Oldham, Fairfield and Rochdale) - Office: 0161 656 1151, 07881358944

Jessica Whittingham - Trust Services Partner for Doctors (North Manchester General Hospital) - 07770311069

Two main offices:

Royal Oldham Hospital,

Sheepfoot Lane Block, Entrance 3,

Ground Floor, The Pennine Acute Trust,

Rochdale Road, Oldham,


North Manchester General Hospital,

Trust Headquarters, 1st Floor,

Room 158-159, Crescent Drive,


M8 5RB

Joining Doctors Direct

Bank Exclusive Membership

If you are working at or have previously worked at either Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust or The Pennine Acute Trust and would like to benefit from Bankshare® you can apply through our fast track route.

You can find other Doctors Direct membership options here

Bankshare® FAQs

What is Bankshare®?

In Partnership with NHS Professionals, the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (consisting of Salford Royal Foundation Trust and Pennine Acute Trust is introducing Bankshare®, sharing our Bank with nearby Trusts, giving you greater access to shifts closer to you.

When will Bankshare® start?

Bankshare is going to be live starting with 3rd of September.


What’s the benefit to me?

Bankshare® offers locums many benefits such as:

  • First choice on ALL locum shifts
  • Weekly pay – work this week, get paid next week!
  • Work across 4 locations (more to come)- find a location that suits you
  • Book and review shift easily online from your smartphone or laptop
  • Receive rates of pay that are competitive with other agencies
  • Work flexibly with shifts that suit you
  • Have your own dedicated Doctors Direct team contact

Why has  Bankshare® been created?

Trusts appreciate that staff like to work on the bank of their own Trust but also have the opportunity to work  shifts in other surrounding Trusts. Currently, to work on the bank of another Trust requires duplicate processes i.e. duplicate pre-employment checks.  So “Member Trusts” have joined together to launch Bankshare® to take away any duplication and enable it to be as easy as possible for staff to work on the banks of member Trusts.

Which staff groups are included as part of Bankshare®?

Only Locum staff are applicable for Bankshare® at this stage

How do I join Doctors Direct?  

If you are employed by Pennine Acute Trust or Salford Royal Foundation Trust, then you can fill in our online registration form to get started.

If you have not worked at one of our partner Trusts previously you can still join Doctors Direct by emailing your CV and life support certificate to  The Doctors team will then contact you to confirm the next steps.

Please note you must have a full GMC licence to practice and 6 months experience working within the NHS during the last 2 years.

Will I still be able to work agency shifts?

When working at Pennine Acute Trust and Salford Royal Foundation Trust you will be required to work your locum shifts through Doctors Direct to help the Trust to save financially.

Will I be paid the same rate at the different Member Trusts?

All Member Trusts will agree standard rates of payment.

Will I need to arrange for a new ID card if I work bank shifts in other member Trusts?

Yes, this will be arranged for you. Once you have booked and worked your first shift in a member Trust you will receive a call from the Doctors Direct team who will arrange for you to obtain a new ID card for that member Trust. Please use your current ID badge for your first shift.

Will I always be paid weekly?

Yes, regardless of which Member Trust you work in, you will still be paid weekly.

Will my current grades and speciality be transferrable to another Trust that is a member of Bankshare®?

Yes however it is a doctor’s responsibility to ensure that they always work within the competencies and experiences they currently have

What training do I require to work at a neighbouring Trust and will I still be able to book into a shift the same way I normally do?  

Rapid inductions will be provided if you have not worked in a Trust previously

Will parking costs be the same at both Trusts?

Staff who have a car parking permit for either Trust will not need to pay to park if they are working at the other Trust. Parking eye will be given a full list of staff for both Trusts.

Staff who do not have a parking permit will need to pay the relevant hourly / daily charge to park.

If I have more questions where can I go to find the answers?

Your local Doctors office will be able to help. Contact details are listed above.