Providing feedback on shifts

At NHS Professionals we value the comments and opinions of our Bank Members and welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve our service. Please use our online Feedback Form.

Please tell us when we do well

We would like you to tell us when we have done well or exceeded your expectations, for example,

"if you have particularly enjoyed a training event or if a member of our service centre staff has gone that extra mile to help".


If you are unhappy about any training session you are taking part in, we advise you to raise your concerns with the trainer or course tutor who will try to address your concerns before the end of the session. If your concern remains unresolved then please complete our online feedback form.

Other NHS Professionals services and departments

If you have concerns about any of our other corporate services then please speak with a member of our Service Centre Team, who will be able to direct you to the appropriate departmental manager.

Your local NHS Professionals team will be able to advise you on all issues covered under the NHS Professionals Grievance Policy for Flexible Workers. This policy covers any complaints and concerns about other areas where we relate to you as an employee (particularly when you are on an assignment).