Help and Support

Your NHSP onsite Trust Services team is available Monday to Friday to help solve any issues you may have.

The onsite Trust Services team is there to manage the relationship between your Trust and NHS Professionals. They support the partnership and ensure you receive a high-quality service.

Paid Leave FAQs

With NHS Professionals, you earn annual leave for every hour you work (not including lunch or tea breaks). You will start building holiday from the first shift you work for NHSP.

If you don’t use all the hours you have earned before your annual leave year ends, you will lose it, so please remember to book in your paid annual leave before it expires.

To book paid annual leave, simply log onto the Holiday Booking system, or access it directly from My:Bank.Your username and password for the holiday booking system will be the same as the one you use to login to My:Bank.

Follow the step by step guide to book your holiday today.

Please remember, you can only book a holiday shift if the hours you have earned is equal to or greater than your average shift length over a 12-week period e.g. if you have earnt 3.21 hours and your average shift length is 6 hours, you can only book a holiday shift once your earnt hours reaches 6 hours or more.

You can cancel booked leave up to 2 hours before your leave is due to end. 

For example, if your booked leave was due to end at 17:00 today, you’ll have until 15:00 to cancel your leave.  

To cancel your leave:

Go to the Holiday History page in Holiday Bookings

If there are 2 or more hours left before the leave is due to end, there will be a button visible to cancel the leave. 

All cancelled hours will be returned to your accrual. 

To view how many hours you have accrued, simply log onto the Holiday Booking system, or access it directly from My:Bank

Your username and password for the holiday booking system will be the same as the one you use to login to My:Bank.

For any holiday enquires please email with full details of your enquiry including your full name and date of birth so that we can better answer your enquiry.

There is no limit to how much annual leave you can take any given time. However, you can only book a holiday shift if the hours you have earned is equal to or greater than your average shift length.

When you book a holiday shift through the holiday booking system, it will automatically authorise and release the timesheet for payment, and you will be paid in the same way as your bank shifts.

This will show on your payslip as ‘Rest Day’.

Within one month of when your holiday hours are due to expire, the Holiday Booking system will allow you to book holiday that is shorter than your average shift length.

When you attempt to book a holiday shift, a box will appear with number of hours due before your end date. Simply tick the box and submit the holiday for your chosen date.

AWR stands for Agency Worker Regulations, this is where an individual has worked at the same Trust under the same assignment code for 12 or more working weeks.

If this applies to you, the status on your My:Bank profile will automatically be updated with a ‘Yes’ under the AWR heading. This will mean you will be entitled to accrue holiday at an enhanced rate.

Your annual leave is calculated based on your average shift length and pay rate over the previous 52 weeks of work, known as a ‘calculation reference period’. If you have not worked in the previous 52 weeks, the annual leave available to take will be based on the average shift length and pay rate over the period that you have worked until then.

You can book a holiday shift at any time, there are no restrictions on the day and times you can take holiday.

Holiday shifts can be booked up to 1 (one) hour before the desired holiday period start time.

Each bank member will have a personalised annual leave start and end date.

The start of your annual leave year depends when you work your first shift with NHSP. For example, if you joined NHSP on 05/03/19, but booked your first shift on 01/04/19, your annual leave year will start from 01/04/19 and will end 12 months later on 31/03/20.

More information on this can be found in the Section 10 of the new Flexible Worker registration document.

Your annual leave entitlement will be updated within a day from when you release a timesheet on your profile. 

Annual leave earned in month 12 (final month) of your individual annual leave year can be carried forward into the first month of your next annual leave year, providing your timesheet is released. 

However, you will need to use any leave earned in month 12 by the end of the first month of your new annual leave year, hence the second expiry date. 

Your AWR will reset to ‘No’ if you do the following:

  • Work a series of shifts under more than one assignment code
  • Have a break of 6 weeks or more between shifts
  • Work shifts at a different Trust.

There are two reasons why you may not have accrued any leave against shifts:
     • You haven’t released your timesheet on time. To accrue annual leave, you must release timesheets for any shifts worked in the same annual leave year. For example, if your new holiday year has begun and you then release timesheets for shifts worked for the previous holiday year, you will not accrue any paid annual leave against those timesheets.
     • You have worked an On-Call shift. On-Call shifts are considered Non-Standard shifts and due to this you will not accrue leave against this shift type.

Shift booking success tips

Demand is continuing to increase for Alliend Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists and PSS roles within our partner NHS Trusts. For more information about the placement opportunities available to you, email ahp&

Are your specialties up to date? 

Did you know that you can work locum shifts in more than one specialty if you have the relevant qualifications and experience? Keeping your account up to date will maximise your opportunity to get more placements that meet your skillset.


Be flexible - there may be shifts in other departments or sister Hospitals within the Trust. At times you may be asked to move to a different area to help with patient demand.


Contact your dedicated Placement Consultant – Keep in touch with you local Placement consultant and let them know your preferred availability. They will let you know when any suitable placements come up.

Demand is continuing to increase for Non Clinical workers within our partner NHS Trusts. For more information about the placement opportunities available to you, email a&

1. Check daily for short notice shifts - The best times to login to My:Bank to check for shifts each day are:  

  • Morning between 9-10am
  • Afternoon 12-1pm
  • Evening - 4-5pm

2. Update your availability within My:Bank - If you select when you are available for shifts on your My:Bank profile, you will see all vacant shifts that match your assignment codes.

3. Short notice shift pool– Did you know, you can ask to be added to your local short notice shift pool. Contact your local team and let them know your preferred availability.

4. Be flexible - there may be shifts in other areas of the hospital or at neighbouring Trusts. At times you may be asked to move to a different area to help with patient demand, so being flexible is key to shift success!

5. Are your assignment codes up to date?  Ensuring they are will maximise your opportunity to see more shifts that meet your skillset. Find out more about assignments codes here

Since the start of the pandemic, NHS Professionals have been supporting our Bank Members by making self-isolation payments. This has been in line with the Staff Terms and Conditions section of the COVID-19 Workforce Guidance.

In line with the ‘Plan For Living with COVID-19’, the Government are now withdrawing the Staff Terms and Conditions section of the COVID-19 Workforce Guidance. This means that from 7th July 2022, NHS Trusts no longer offer special pay to those who are isolating. We are continuing to mirror the arrangements of our client Trusts and will be reflecting those changes in our own arrangements.

What this means in practice

From 7th July onwards, anyone commencing sickness absence due to COVID-19 will be managed in the same way as any other sickness absence and paid according to contractual sick pay arrangements. This means that where eligible, Bank Members will receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for any sickness absences which commenced on or after 7 July 2022. For more information on SSP, please visit the Help and Advice pages on our website.

If you have a patient facing role, it is really important that you continue to Lateral Flow test twice weekly and do not go to work if you test positive.

The safety of our bank members is always our priority and we work in partnership with our NHS Trust partners at all times to ensure this and maintain the highest standards of infection control. In relation to the current situation around COVID-19, if, as part of your shift, you are asked to work in an area where there are patients who have contracted the virus or are suspected to have done so, we will work with the Trust to ensure you have all the necessary PPE and Fit Testing as appropriate. If you are not asked to work in one of these affected areas as part of your shift, then PPE and Fit Testing will not be necessary.
The health and social care systems and public health authorities in all parts of the UK have cascaded information widely to all health professionals on steps to take if they identify patients who may have COVID-19. Visit the official NHS website here.
Bank members and locum doctors can book holiday as usual, but we would always encourage our workers to try and support patients and staffing in their Trusts.

Our Trusts always welcome those wanting to book shifts and help support staffing and patient care. If you would like to help the NHS, especially during the pandemic, please register to join the NHS Bank here. If you already a bank member, simply log on to My:Bank to see what shifts are available.

Doctors Direct

Doctors Direct is a medical locum service by NHS Professionals. We provide NHS Trusts across the UK with a bank of temporary, flexible doctors. Our service saves money for NHS Trusts because, while we offer the same salaries as independent agencies, we don’t charge the same expensive fees and profits we make go straight back into the NHS.

We have team members based at each of our Partner Trusts, who provide support and assistance wherever necessary, as well as a dedicated Head Office team, who manage staff supply and demand right across the country.

You need at least six months’ experience, gained in the NHS within the last two years.

Once registered with Doctors Direct you will be assigned a dedicated consultant, who will keep you informed of any suitable placements that come up. You can also see all available shifts on NHSP:Connect.

Doctors will either have a standard rate or personalised rate. The standard rate is linked to your grade and speciality, but the rate varies between Trusts so there is no specific salary for a grade or specialty.

Just click the ‘Joining NHSP’ tab on this website and follow the simple instructions on the page. Alternatively, email a copy of your CV to A member of the recruitment team will aim to be in touch within 48 hours.

You can contact the Doctors Recruitment team by:

Yes. Many doctors who are substantively employed at Trusts work additional shifts through Doctors Direct. You can view our simple Bank Exclusive joining route here.

Just click the ‘Joining NHSP’ tab on this website and follow the simple instructions on the page, depending on which route you wish to join Doctors Direct through.

If you are applying to join through a Bank Exclusiveroute (to work at one Trust only that you are currently substantively employed by or known to) once you have completed the initial application you will be directed to your Trust Liaison Coordinator or Doctors Account Coordinator who will verify your documents.

If you are completing a full bank application(to work at more than one of our client Trusts) the first stage begins soon after you register your interest, this is our screening process. After this you’ll be required to complete a full application and meet with a Doctors Direct representative for your documents to be verified. 

We also complete pre-employment checks, including a DBS, Occupational Health clearance and professional reference checks. Once you have passed these, you will be sent a welcome pack including your new ID badge.

For more information about DBS checks, visit the dedicated government website.

If you just want to work at one Trust, you can register using our Bank Exclusive process, as stated within the “What is the recruitment process?” question. You will also be able to start work and get paid sooner.

If you want to work Doctors Direct shifts at a range of Trusts you will need to go through the full bank application process before you can start work.

You will find a Doctors Direct office at each of our client Trusts, where a Trust Liaison Coordinator will be able to verify your documents. You can also get your documents verified by a member of the Doctors Recruitment team. Email the team at or call them on 0333 014 3652.

You need to provide two references if applying through our full bank process (to work at more than one of our client Trusts) If you are applying for a Consultant post you will need to provide three. References are important because they allow us to confirm who you are and that you meet the high standards required by Doctors Direct.

Your referees should be supervisors (Consultants) who have worked with you in the last 12 months. If you are a Consultant, one of your referees should be the Medical Director from the Trust you most recently worked for.

Yes, however if you have up-to-date Occupational Health records you may not need further immunisation/vaccinations.

We'll get in touch whenever a post comes up that suits your skills and experience. You can also put yourself forward for shifts on NHSP:Connect, our online system. It’s also possible to contact the Trust directly, so their Booking Manager can log you on the system.

Locums working through Doctors Direct will be paid

You can email, to find out how many hours you have accrued. Paid annual leave cannot be accrued if you have worked locum shifts through Direct Engagement. If you are booked through Direct Engagement, you receive your paid annual leave at the same time as you receive payment for your locum shift 

As a member of Doctors Direct you are able to join our NHS Professionals NHSP Stakeholder pension plan. If you are working through Direct Engagement you will be eligible to join the NHS Pension.

We run a wide range of events to help our Doctors continue their professional development throughout their time with us.

We run Study Days for our doctors to support with Continued Professional Development points – approved by the Royal College of Physicians. These have included topics such as Emergency Medicine/Obstetrics & Gynaecology updates, Cognitive Bias & Dissonance, Managing Conflict and Capacity, Consent & Candour to name a few. 

All the Study Days have been well received by the attendees with feedback such as:

“It was a really good, helpful Study Day. Very nice environment and presentations. Doctors Direct should keep on conducting such activities for Doctors. All presentations were useful for me”

“Well thought out day of presentations, very interactive”

Each of our Partnered Trusts has their own TLC or Doctors Account Coordinator. Call us on 03330 143 652 to get the contact details for your local on-site team.

It is the professional duty of the doctor themselves to ensure that they are safe to return to clinical practice

Doctors must identify and address issues arising from absence and help set in place the necessary processes to support them to update their skills and knowledge. This process is likely to require collaboration with bodies including their employer, designated body, appraiser, etc.

The Doctor’s Clinical Governance department can support with putting the necessary processes in place in collaboration with the doctor and a suitable Client Trust to prepare the doctor for returning to a clinical setting. Please contact for additional advice.

All doctors returning to practice should read the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ Return to Practice guidance and enact their recommendations where relevant

In addition, other organisations have issued guidance as follows: 
The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
British Medical Association
Medical Women’s Federation

Finally, there are a number of articles about returning to practice in publications such as the BMJ. Examples are here and here.

The Doctor’s Clinical Governance department can support with putting the necessary processes in place in collaboration with the doctor and a suitable Client Trust to prepare the doctor for returning to a clinical setting. Please contact DoctorsRevalidation@NHSProfessionals.nhs.ukfor additional advice.

Send your request in writing to

Please contact your Trust Liaison Coordinator, who will arrange for your information to be updated.

A significant number of doctors take breaks away from clinical practice for reasons including family (e.g. maternity or paternity leave), academic research or sabbaticals for travelling and evidence suggests that clinical skills are lost rapidly during time away from practice

Therefore, when doctors return to work after a break they should do so in a way which prioritises patient safety and minimises professional risk to themselves

General FAQs

No, as a Flexible Worker you are not entitled to compassionate leave. You are registered with NHS Professionals under a Registration Document and there is no obligation for you to accept shifts.
If you need to cancel a shift then please let us know as soon as possible. You can do this using My:Bank or by contacting the Service Centre on 0333 240 7552.
Yes, in most circumstances. Please refer to your code of behaviour.

Flexible workers wishing to obtain their P45 can resign by emailing:

P45's can take up to 6 weeks to be issued.
You will need to visit your local Client Relationship team to verify your original change of name documents (marriage or civil partnership certificate, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, birth certificate, deed poll certificate, gender reassignment certificate).
Assignment codes are used to describe the type of assignment undertaken by a Flexible Worker. They consist of the ‘assignment type’ and the ‘area of work’.
For example: Acute: Registered Nurse (RN), General (00) = RN00

Nurses, midwives and care support workers must wear an NHS Professionals uniform, ensuring the local Trust’s uniform policy is adhered to.

Admin and Clerical Workers should wear office attire. At all times you must display your NHS Professionals identity badge. 

Under the flexible worker registration document, you are employed for the duration of a shift. On completion of a shift you are no longer an employee of NHS Professionals.
When you arrive for your shift, you should report to the ward or unit manager who will ensure that you are familiar with the ward/unit and provide any information you may need to know.

Pay and Benefits

You can view the status of your timesheet on My:Bank. Once a timesheet has been authorised, you will need to release your timesheets for payment. All timesheets released by 23:59 on Sunday will get paid on the Friday.
If you have any questions about your pay, please fill out this form.
During the course of some assignments you may be required to travel as part of your duties. Where your line manager has agreed you can claim expenses in line with Agenda for Change, you will need to get your completed expense claim form signed by the appropriate manager in the Trust. Download the Travel Expense Claim Form. Completed, signed forms should be sent to the address on the claim form. Expenses will be paid a fortnight in arrears.

Please complete the Bank details change form  and send this to the following email address with your name and payroll number in the subject line

You should ensure the form is sent from the email address you have registered with NHSP.

Bank details change forms cannot be sent by post.

If you are eligible for SSP please email providing your full name, date of birth, postcode and your start date & end date of your period of sickness.

To receive payment, please release your timesheet as soon as it has been authorised. You can check the status of your timesheet(s) via My:Bank

To receive payment for your shifts, you must ensure your timesheets are authorised by your ward/department manager. Once your shift has been authorised, you must release your timesheet by 23:59 hours on Sunday, in order to be paid the Friday. Please note: If it is your first shift, then you will need to release your timesheet by 23:59 Wednesday for payment the following week, Friday, however it can take up to 3 weeks in some instances. Following this you will begin the 5 day pay cycle. 

Timesheets awaiting release will appear in your notification section in My:Bank

If your shift has not been authorised, please contact your shift authoriser and ask them to approve the shift for you, so that you can release your timesheet and receive your payment on time.  

In the event that you are not able to contact your shift authoriser, or you need help using the e-timesheet system, please visit our useful forms section or contact the National Service Centre on 03332 407 552.  

You can view and download your payslips from My:Bank


No, please check your bank account to see if you have received payment, payslips will show in your My:Bank by midday on a Friday. 

If you have checked your bank account and no payment has been made, please check your My:Bank to ensure the timesheet(s) have been released in time.

Please check through the criteria outlined in the incentive information. Incentives will be automatically applied providing you have met the guidelines specified. If you have any queries relating this please email

P60's are issued annually, between 6-8 weeks after the end of the financial year (31st March).

You will need to be actively registered with NHS Professionals in order to have an active My:Bank user account. Once logged on to My:Bank, you can use use the e-Payslip feature.


To understand your payslip, please take a look at this guide.

Your timesheet will be visible on My:Bank (online booking system) and will show as 'Processed for Payment'. Each Friday, you will also be able to access your payslips via My:Bank.
Please contact the ward for further assistance. If they are unable to assist you, please contact the National Service Centre on 03332 407 552.
Shifts worked during 'unsocial hours' e.g. nights, weekends, Bank Holidays, are calculated in line with the Agenda for Change (AfC) rules.
Normally deadlines and/or pay days are changed to take account of holidays. Any revised details will be emailed to you at least one week prior to any changes to deadlines and/or pay days. Your NHS Professionals' on site coordinator will also be able to answer queries you have pertaining to any such changes.
Congratulations! Please kindly fill in the Maternity Leave Notification form (click to download) and then send it by email to Flexible Worker Human Resources (FWHR) at and a member of the FWHR team will contact you shortly.
No, under the Registration Agreement - your Contract of Engagement, you are only employed for the duration of an assignment or series of assignments offered to you by NHS Professionals and accepted by you.

If you are unable to undertake assignments due to maternity leave, in-line with your Registration Agreement you may be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP). To qualify for SMP you must have:

  • Worked for NHSP continuously for at least 26 weeks up to the qualifying week (15th week) before the expected week of childbirth
  • met the average weekly earnings (at least equal to the lower earnings limit for National Insurance contributions)
  • Provided sufficient notice (28 days before you want to start maternity leave)
  • Provided medical evidence of your pregnancy in the form of your MAT B1 (your MAT B1 is issued to you by your Midwife/GP sometime between your 20-26 week routine midwife check)
  • Completed the Maternity Notification form (click to download)

If you are unable to undertake assignments due to maternity leave, in-line with your Registration Agreement you may be entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP). To qualify for SPP you must have:

  • Worked for NHSP continuously for at least 26 weeks up to the qualifying week (15th week) before the expected week of childbirth
  • met the average weekly earnings (at least equal to the lower earnings limit for National Insurance contributions)
  • Provided sufficient notice (at least 15 weeks before the baby’s due date) and no later than 28 days notice should be given should you wish to change the start date of your leave once it has been confirmed
  • Provided medical evidence of your partners pregnancy in the form of a MAT B1 (a MAT B1 is usually issued by a Midwife/GP sometime between weeks 20-26 of pregnancy at a routine midwife check). We are willing to accept a verified copy if the original document should this be used by your partners employer.
  • Completed the SC3 form (click to download)
Please note: Leave cannot start before the birth. It must also end within 56 days of the baby(ies) birth date.
NHS Professionals follows the Agenda for Change pay structures for the assignment undertaken, based on the assignment codes.  There may be certain exceptions where Personalised Pay Rates are paid for specific assignments.


NHS Professionals operates an online application process. Please visit the 'Joining NHSP' page on our website, which provides details of the different memberships options and the recruitment process for these.

Yes, however if you have up-to-date Occupational Health records you may not need further immunisation/vaccinations.
NHS Professionals specialises in providing flexible workers to meet the varying needs of Trusts and therefore does not offer any permanent positions. As part of the flexible worker needs of Trusts, there are opportunities for long-term placements. Many NHS Professionals flexible workers go on to gain substantive employment within Trusts on the basis of the knowledge and experience they have gained through NHS Professionals.
Please contact our Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.

You can access your online training using the links below:


If you previously used MLE, you can complete your training via 




If you are new to the bank or did not previously use MLE you can complete your training via


Skills for Health

As an NHS Professionals Bank Member you will be provided with two NHS Professionals uniforms. Section 3 of the applicant pack, which is provided in preparation for your interview, contains a uniform order form which you will be required to complete and bring to your interview.
Towards the end of your pre-employment checks your uniform will be ordered by your dedicated Recruitment Assistant. It will take 7-10 working days for your uniform to be delivered. Please be aware not all bank workers will require a uniform, our Recruitment Team will inform you prior to completing the recruitment process if a uniform is not required.

If you do not receive it within this time frame, please email
On most occasions DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks are completed within several weeks of the DBS office receiving your completed online form. However DBS clearance can take up to 60 days.

To check your DBS status online you will need your DBS form reference number (E) and date of birth. To obtain the reference number you can either call NHS Professionals on your normal contact number or call the Disclosure and Barring Service direct on 03000 200 190, stating the personal details required. To track online visit the website.

If you have signed up to the DBS Update Service and have provided us with a copy of your latest disclosure and completed the consent form, the Update Service check will be completed on the day of your successful interview with no time delay in an update being received.
This will depend on obtaining full and correct information from you. We aim to complete applications within 25 working days from the day of your successful interview providing we have full engagement from you during the process.

Once you have submitted your application online, it is subject to screening. If your application is successful you will be invited for an interview. Following a successful interview NHS Professionals will complete several pre-employment checks including a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service check), Occupational Health Clearance and professional reference checks. If these checks are satisfactorily completed, you will then attend a training day before undertaking work opportunities.

You can still apply to join NHS Professionals as there are a range of other certificates that we accept which align themselves to the 15 standards of the Care Certificate.

If you wish to discuss your qualifications further please contact a member of the recruitment team on 03332 407 5520.
NHS Professionals' experience requirements state that newly qualified nurses need to have completed their preceptorship or must be able to demonstrate at least 6 months experience as a nurse in the relevant clinical setting.

You can contact Learnspace Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 on 0117 3256 500. Alternatively, you can send an email to the Learnspace team at

Yes, on the basis that your visa is current and valid for work in the UK. For further information please consult the UKBA website.
You should receive your welcome pack within 5 working days of completing the recruitment process. If you have not received your welcome pack within 5 working days of completing the recruitment process please contact the Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.
Various roles require different levels of experience and/or qualifications. For more information regarding your role please call us to discuss your experience with our Recruitment team on 03332 407 552.
The day is made up of: document checking; a face-to-face interview; a manual observations demonstration for Care Support Workers only; a 45 minute multiple choice test (most clinical roles require this).

Some of our assessment centres also have Occupational Health Nurses present on the day. Interviews are held in various locations throughout the UK, both onsite at Trust locations and in meeting rooms at appropriate off site locations.

Once you have booked your interview slot, you will receive an e-mail confirming the date you have chosen, the venue location and what paperwork you will need to bring with you.
NHS Professionals does not cover all NHS Trusts. If your nearest trust is not showing, this simply means we are not in partnership with them as of yet and you can continue with your application selecting an alternative Trust that we are in partnership with.
Your dedicated Recruitment Assistant will inform you what mandatory training is required as it varies depending on the trust and role you have applied for. In most cases, our mandatory training will be delivered over a two to two and a half day face-to-face training session known as a Training. 

Any non- generic mandatory training will be run by our client NHS Trusts. 
You will not be paid for completing your mandatory training. This includes, attending classroom-based training, travel, or time to complete the training. This is because under your flexible working agreement there is no contractual obligation for you to book shifts. 

Instead, we provide work opportunities for our Bank Members with the requirement that Bank Members are ‘work ready’ with training and compliance being fully up to date. We provide access to comprehensive online, and classroom-based training free of charge, and will do all we can to support you. 

We are also happy to accept evidence of any previously completed training that is still in date to avoid our Bank Members having to repeat any training unnecessarily.
We accept written professional references from either line manager or HR department however, if you are/were studying we will accept reference from your tutor or university/college admin department.

We are required to request references to cover last 3 years of employment/education and all employment gaps need to be explained. On some occasions we may request character references from a person of standing to cover gaps in employment.
Your application could have been rejected for various reasons, including previous experience and skills, lack of relevant experience and qualifications (such as Care Certificate for CSWs) etc. If your application has been unsuccessful you are welcome to re-apply after 6 months.