Have you heard of Bankshare?

Do I have to wear a different uniform if I work bank shifts in other member Trusts? 

Substantive staff for each Trust should continue to wear their Trust uniform whilst on bank shifts in their own Trust.  If you choose to work a shift at your neighbouring Trust via the Bankshare® you will be required to wear an NHSP bank uniform. Please contact your local NHSP team to request a uniform form.

Should you require extra uniforms then you would need to contact your local NHSP team and complete a form.  


Will I require an NHSP ID card if I work bank shifts in other member Trusts?

Yes, NHSP will supply you with an NHSP ID badge which must be worn when undertaking bank shifts at any location in which you are not a substantive member of staff. Please contact your local NHSP team to request your ID badge prior to undertaking your first shift and for your photograph to be taken.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust: The ward you are working in will allow you access, no additional access cards will be required.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Please refer to the Training FAQ to find out about smartcards that will also be required alongside your ID card to access the Patient Care system.


Will I still be paid weekly?

Yes, regardless of which member Trust you work in, you will still be paid weekly (Friday) as per the usual process when working via the bank.


Will I be paid the same rate at the different member Trusts?

If you pick up shifts at a nearby Trust to where you usually work, then you accept the shift on the Business as usual rate for that Trust, Ward & Dept. Please contact your local NHSP team for more information.


Will my current assignment codes be applicable in another Trust that is a member of Bankshare®?

If you have the relevant assignment code which the ward or department have requested, you can book yourself into a vacant shift or be directly booked by a Trust member of staff. Your current assignment codes will not change.


What training do I require to work at a neighbouring Trust and will I still be able to book into a shift the same way I normally do?

Your existing training will be recognised between both Trusts, but additional training may be required when working a shift at the following Trusts:

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust:

EPR Training

Royal Berkshire Hospital will be going live with their Electronic Patient Records (EPR) from Monday 24th September 2018 as part of the Digital Hospital launch.

This will include inpatient clinical documentation and electronic prescription medicines management.

All clinical staff will only be able to undertake shifts at the hospital once the online EPR training course has been completed. The training is compulsory and any worker wishing to work at the Trust after 24th September must have completed the training before they will have access to book any shifts.

For additional information and to receive instructions on how to access this training, contact your local NHSP team at Royal Berkshire by emailing RBHqueries@NHSProfessionals.nhs.uk

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust:


Each staff member will require a BHFT Smartcard to allow them access to the Patient Care system required for their role. To obtain a smartcard staff will need to email: rio.support@berkshire.nhs.uk or call 0300 365 2438 and choose option 2 and request an appointment.

To register for a Smartcard, at their appointment, staff will need to present 3 forms of ID (only original documents accepted). Without these documents registration will not be able to be carried out.

Appointments are available at the 2 following locations:

• Reading (09:00 – 15:30) - 57-59 Bath Road, Reading, RG30 2BA.

• Bracknell (09:00 – 11:30) - 1st Floor Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell, RG12 1BQ.

Rio Training:

All staff will need to complete RiO system training relevant to their role. Staff with Microsoft outlook on their computer will be able to complete a quick start e-learning module. Once completed this will allow staff temporary access to RiO for up to 4 weeks, after this time access will expire and flexible workers will be expected to complete a face to face full day training course. Once the e-learning training module has been completed and to arrange access via your smartcard to RiO please contact it.training@berkshire.nhs.uk

If longer term access is required staff will need to arrange face to face training promptly to avoid any gaps in access. Please click here to view availability on the Slate training Prospectus.

If working a shift at BHFT Prospect Park, Reading:

Fire Evacuation Training: All staff working on the wards at Prospect Park Hospital will be required to complete a 90 minute Fire Evacuation Training. This will need to be completed within 1 month of their start date and can be completed during their shift. Staff will need to contact the ward manager or PPHAdmin@Berkshire.nhs.uk to arrange. This training will be paid for by the BHFT.

ePMA Training (RMNs only):

Staff working on the Inpatient wards at Prospect Park Hospital will be required to use ePMA (Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration). They will need to contact PPHAdmin@berkshire.nhs.uk and request authorisation to access this. Please see here on how to access ePMA training. Once an account has been created, staff will need to complete the ePMA Nurse Administration e-learning . Once training has been completed confirmation of this will need to be forwarded to the email address provided at the end of the training session. Once received the RiO Support team will arrange activation on the staff members’ smartcard.

PMVA Training:

For staff wishing to work on Sorrell Ward they will need to have completed PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) training. This is a 5 day course. This training needs to be refreshed annually (2 days). Available dates can be found on Slate Training Prospectus.


What happens when I am in my preceptorship period?

Staff need to have completed their preceptorship period before they can work on the banks of member Trusts. To ensure you are well supported, new registrants need to complete their preceptorship period in their own ward prior to undertaking bank shifts elsewhere.


Will parking costs be the same at both Trust’s?

Car Parking charges differ across both Trusts. Contact your local NHSP team to confirm the cost.


If I have more questions where can I go to find the answers?

Your local NHSP team will be able to help.

Contact details are listed below:

For more information contact your local NHSP team:

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust -01344 415824 or email berkshirehealthcare@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust - 0118 322 5207 or email rbhqueries@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk

Alternatively, you can call NHS Professionals National Service Centre on 03332 407 552.