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Occupational Health FAQs

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the best possible experience for clients and Bank Members we have partnered with Optima Health Limited to provide our Occupational Health Service. This will enhance our service for new and existing members to ensure we can progress Occupational Health clearance faster and to the highest standards of safety.

This will involve changes to the way we deliver part of our compliance journey and also how we look after our Bank Members during their career with us. Additionally, for our clients it will mean we can respond to changes in the need for Occupational Health Services and this will also allow us to scale up to meet additional demand.

Optima Transfer FAQ’s

You can contact Optima Health Limited via Email or Phone:

Helpdesk Telephone Number: 03300 084 321. The Optima Health Limited, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00. (excluding public holidays)


NHS Professionals are transferring applicant details to Optima Health Limited as efficiently as possible. If you have already contacted Optima Health Limited and they do not have your details yet, please wait until 5th May 2021 onwards to contact Optima Health Limited if you have not received an email to access your Pre-placement questionnaire. Optima Health Limited should be able to update you on the progress of your application at this point.

If NHS Professionals (NHSP) currently hold your Occupational Health record, and you chose to opt-out as part of this process, your records will not be transferred to Optima Health Limited.  

If you have opted out of your Occupational Health records being shared with Optima Health Limited, you will be given the option to consent for NHS Professionals to refer your personal details to Optima Health Limited to allow them to create a new referral for you. They will then send you a pre-placement questionnaire to gather your medical information. You will also be asked to provide your immunisation evidence to Optima Health Limited at the appropriate time. If you have completed your declaration of health and are within immunisation stages, you will be asked for consent to be referred for Optima Health Limited’s immunisation service to progress your immunisations towards becoming fully compliant for your role. Instead of restarting the entire process and having to complete health related questionnaires again. 

If you have chosen to opt out of the transfer of your Occupational Health records and decline the alternative option, your application will be withdrawn, and any data we hold for you will be destroyed in line with NHS Professionals Information Governance Policy and records retained in line with the appropriate retention period requirements. To see what data we hold for you and why please click on this link

Details associated to our GDPR policies can be found here.

The opt-out period is now closed. Consent communications were sent in March 2021. You had 21 days from receipt of the email to opt-out of the transfer of your records. This was in line with GMC (General Medical Council) guidelines.

If you have selected to opt-out, and subsequently decide to reverse this decision or feel that this was done in error, you will be asked to provide consent for NHSP to pass your personal information to Optima Health Limited to instead make a new referral. 

Our Occupational Health service transferred to Optima Health Limited on 19th April 2021 and processes commenced from this date, your records are still being held safely in accordance with GDPR regulation.

Each record transferred will be assessed, should more information be required or in the event of further intervention, Optima Health Limited will contact you.

To facilitate the transfer of records, all Occupational Health assessments and immunisations managed by NHSP have been temporarily paused from the 26th March 2021. Health Assessments and Clinics have resumed following the transfer to Optima Health Limited. We are working with Optima Health Limited to reduce anticipated delays.

All of our Bank Member Occupational Health assessments and checks will now be completed by Optima Health Limited. Your personal details will be provided to Optima Health so they can progress and complete your Occupational Health checks. Optima will ask you to complete a pre-placement questionnaire, also known as a Declaration of Health.

We are aware that you may have already completed a Declaration of Health form, you will now need to complete the pre-placement form from Optima Health. The new Optima processes are more effective, ensuring that any in-progress applications will be processed faster preventing any possible complications over governance and ensure the clinical safety of those involved. You will receive a link to complete this via email with your log-in credentials for Optima Health Limited’s Portal.

If you have applied through the Bank Exclusive route, we will monitor the progress of all applicants and we will review any restriction related to Occupational Health so you can continue to book shifts as long as you have completed all other aspects of the process.

If you are a Bank Only or Care Support Worker development (CSWD) applicant, you will be required to wait until all your compliance is completed before picking up bank shifts. You will be contacted by Optima Health Limited shortly to complete a pre-placement questionnaire. After this is complete, you will progress onto your immunisations.

If you paid for your immunisations yourself between 26th March 2021 and 19th April 2021, you will be reimbursed through expenses. If you did not fund your own immunisations before 19th April 2021, a clinic will be booked for you by Optima Health. We are working closely with them to minimise the delay.

Every attempt will be made to minimise applicants needing to re-apply. Notifications will be given to individuals who are required to resubmit an application.

These are all the same, they are sometimes referred to by different names.

Once all applicants are sent to Optima Health Limited as new referrals, they will look to work through these as quickly as possible, due to significantly high volume there may be slight delays but everything will be processed as quickly as possible.

Your records will not be required to be transferred to Optima Health Limited and will remain with NHS Professionals.

Although communication has recently been circulated regarding both of these questionnaires, they are not related. 


Risk Assessment: This questionnaire is entirely COVID-19 related and involves applicants answering a series of questions designed to indicate whether you are likely to be at greater risk of developing more serious symptoms if you come into contact with COVID-19. This Risk Assessment is based on factors such as your age and ethnicity and would not apply as part of an ordinary health assessment process but based on the most recent data available are understood to be particular risk factors associated with the virus and the resultant disease (COVID-19). 


Declaration of Health: This questionnaire is about your medical history and health conditions which may be relevant to your application for specific roles. 

Occupational Health FAQ's

You will receive an email request with log-in credentials from Optima Health Limited to complete a Pre-placement Questionnaire (Declaration of Health) from 19th April. Optima Health Limited, will look to work through your questionnaire as quickly as possible. Upon receiving this request, you will have 30 days to complete the form. After 30 days, your application will be withdrawn.

If you have completed your Declaration of Health form, you will be transferred to Optima Health and will be required to complete a similar form on their portal to progress your application. You will receive an email request with log-in credentials from Optima Health Limited to complete a Pre-placement Questionnaire (Declaration of Health) from 19th April. Optima Health Limited, will look to work through your questionnaire as quickly as possible. Upon receiving this request, you will have 30 days to complete the form.

All applicants, including those who only require immunisations or clinic appointments will now be sent through as new applicants to Optima Health Limited. This does not affect your application, and only requires you to complete a Pre-placement questionnaire (similar to the Declaration of Health) again. You will receive an email request with log-in credentials from Optima Health Limited to complete a Pre-placement Questionnaire (Declaration of Health) from 19th April. Optima Health Limited, will look to work through your questionnaire as quickly as possible. Upon receiving this request, you will have 30 days to complete the form. Taking this route and completing a new form allows for you to be progressed through and cleared to work significantly quicker.

You can contact your GP for copies of your childhood Immunisation record/document. Your previous employer’s occupational health department will have a copy of your immunisation documents/records if you have worked in the same or similar role you are applying for now. Please call or email them to establish this information.  If you are unable to obtain your immunisation records, you will need to advise Optima Health Ltd (from the 19th April) who will need to make arrangements for a clinic appointment.   

The option to seek own arrangements for immunisations was only for the transfer period up until 19th April 2021. This date has now passed, please await contact from Optima Health to book in for required clinics.

If you have received immunisations paid for by yourself before 19th April 2021 and require reimbursement, for NHS Professionals to provide you with efficient reimbursement please ensure you provide by email to - 

  • Evidence of your appointment
  • Evidence of payment such as invoice or receipts, this has got to show the immunisation or product which was purchased
    • Please ensure these also include your full name and date of birth. Without this information, receipt alone will not confirm the immunisation purchased has been administered to you.
  • Sort code, account number and name of bank for repayment.

Optima Health Limited will be sending out via email clinic appointments post 19th April to progress your occupational health, if you have not been able to provide any evidence before the transfer of services.

From 19th April 2021 all requests will need to be addressed to Optima Health Ltd. Requests can be made from third parties, such as solicitors for an employee. Third party requests may be deemed as a SAR or an access to medical records request dependant on the content of the request. Requests will only be processed with consent from the data subject.  

All requests will need to accompany with ID, this includes passport or drivers’ licence and utility bill which confirms data subject name and address.  

Requests should be dealt with in 1 month. However, a further 2 months can be given if request is considered excessive (totalling 3 months). This requires communicating with data subject.  

To make requests for records contact Optima Health Directly at: 

Helpdesk Telephone Number: 03300 084 321  


Optima Health (NHS Professionals)  
Unit 2  
Hayland Street  
S9 1BY  

From the 1st April any outstanding immunisation evidence awaiting submission will need to be held till the 19th April, immunisation evidence can then be submitted direct to Optima Health Limited when clinics are arranged by Optima Health Limited directly with you.

Contact Optima Health Limited by Email:

Or Helpdesk Telephone Number: 03300 084 321 to find out more information about how they expect your evidence to be sent.