NHS ConfedExpo 2022 

On 15th-16th June, NHS Professionals are sponsoring ConfedExpo – the biggest event in the NHS calendar!

NHS Professionals are proud to support NHS ConfedExpo 2022

As the leading provider of temporary staff to the NHS, with more than 180,000 Bank Members and 50+ client Trusts, we are delighted to be sponsoring for NHS ConfedExpo 2022. This year’s Expo is a critical opportunity for a wide range of key NHS stakeholders to come together and reflect on an extraordinary period in the NHS’ history and consider ways we can maintain and improve patient care in the years ahead. The NHS and its staff have demonstrated incredible adaptability and resilience over the past two years as the pandemic has unfolded. However, with the demands of the pandemic continuing to be felt, Trusts face a new set of recovery challenges and the Expo will host expert talks and debates on all of these, including elective backlogs and integrating health and social care.

People will be another central theme at the Expo.

NHS Professionals is fully committed to supporting the NHS to recruit and retain the best people within a flexible, diverse and supportive workforce culture. During NHS ConfedExpo, we will be delivering interactive plenary and theatre sessions to share our workforce insights looking back across the pandemic, and forward into new staffing solutions to support patient care.

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Nicola McQueen
CEO, NHS Professionals

Sessions supported by NHS Professionals


Managing your ‘bank balance’ to tackle the backlog

15th June | 10.45am | Main Stage 2 - Exhibition | 30 mins

The session will take the format of a panel discussion, hosted by NHS Professionals.

The overall state of the recruitment industry is having seismic effects throughout the NHS – often in unexpected places. Using proprietary data and insight, the session will paint the picture of what’s really going on before an expert panel explores the challenges, barriers and opportunities that exist to effectively deploying flexible workers to tackle the backlog.

Themes of partnership and collaboration will underline the session; the panel will consider looking inwards to Trust staff banks, across into NHS affiliated bodies (such as NHS Professionals) and outwards into the ecosystem of external agencies to provide new perspectives on effective use of flexible workers within the overall staffing mix. Consideration will be given to the balance of focus on reducing agency spend with the reality of meeting patient care needs.

Finally, the session will also reflect on the lived experiences of NHS staff, particularly in the past two years, and the opportunities presented by flexible working to improve health and wellbeing in the workforce.

This session is supported by NHS Professionals.



Think like a recruiter: put flexibility first for your workforce

16th June | 9.00-10.30am | Theatre 1 - 1B

How does having a recruitment mindset support safe staffing levels in your hospital?

This interactive session, hosted by NHS Professionals, will share practical insights into four of the pillars behind sustainable, scalable, healthcare recruitment:

Understanding the flexible workforce

  • Who are they and what do they really want?


  • Are our technology platforms people focused enough – and who really has the time to mystery shop?

Learning & Development (L&D)

  • It’s what flexible workers want – but do they have access?
  • What difference would opening up L&D make to them – and to your shift fill?

Framework Agency Management

  • Downward pressure on agency spend, but upward pressure on patient need. How can flexible workers fill the shift gap?

This session is supported by NHS Professionals.


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