Booking Holiday

Booking holiday with NHSP is simple, you can book holidays using our online Holiday Booking system.

Holiday hours are accrued by the amount of hours you have worked via the bank. To view how many hours you have accrued and to book holiday, simply log onto our Holiday Booking system, or access it directly from My:Bank

Your login and password details for the holiday booking system are the same as your My:Bank login details.

To learn more about the holiday booking system please watch our short video or read our guide.

Alternatively, to start booking your holiday follow the 6 steps below. 

You should consider the following when booking holiday:

  • You cannot take holiday at the same time as you are booked to work a Bank shift
  • If you have booked holiday you also cannot work a bank shift at the same time
  • If you accept to work a shift at short notice and you need to cancel your holiday, you can cancel up to 2 hours before the end of the booked holiday shift.
  • Pay and holiday