Band 3 Senior Ward Based Pharmacy Assistant






Post:                                          Senior Ward Based Pharmacy Assistant


Grade:                                        Band 3


Hours:                                        37.5 hours per week


Division:                                     Pharmacy


Base:                                          Pharmacy Department, MFT





Managerially Accountable to:    Technical Ward Based Services Manager


Reports to:                                 Technical Ward Based Services Manager


Professionally Accountable to: Director of Pharmacy





Work within Technical Ward Based Services (TWBS) to assist in the delivery of high quality pharmaceutical care to patients within the Trust, through the provision of a safe and efficient technical medicines management service.




Clinical Governance


Work within the Trust and departmental Health and Safety guidelines.


Attend and contribute to regular TWBS meetings.


Participate in the completion of pharmacy medication error forms when errors are detected either at ward level or in the pharmacy department.


Participate in the audit of pharmaceutical services independently and in conjunction with other pharmacy staff to contribute to the review of existing systems enabling improvements and developments for pharmacy ward based services.


Service Development


Participate in quality improvement and customer care programmes in accordance with national and local guidelines and departmental strategic plans.


Education and Development


Work to complete the in-house senior ward based pharmacy assistant training programme within six months of employment.


Demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of a senior ward based pharmacy assistant and act as a trainer/supervisor for work experience students, new staff members, and rotational pharmacy assistants.


Participate in and co-operate with individual continuing professional development and continuing education programmes to develop personal competencies, knowledge and skills.


Comply with statutory and mandatory training requirements throughout your employment with the Trust.


Work to complete the pharmacy assistant NVQ level 2 qualifications or equivalent qualification.


Clinical / Technical


Support clinical pharmacists and ward based pharmacy technicians in the provision of complete pharmaceutical care to patients at ward level.


Communicate effectively with community services including but not limited to GP surgeries, community pharmacies, nursing, and residential homes to request patient medication or compliance aid information and escalating all information to colleagues.


Conduct a thorough technical medication review of patient’s medication chart, order and supply medicines to patients at ward level via a one stop drug system (OSD) using the correct documentation. Investigate any missed, delayed, or omitted medicines in accordance with relevant procedures.


Obtain clinical/transcriptions checks from the ward pharmacist/ward based pharmacy technician prior to ordering any medication.


Under the supervision of the pharmacist/ward based pharmacy technician, identify any concerns with the administration of medicines to patients including but not limited to swallowing difficulties or inability to take medication orally, impaired vision, or other compliance issues and act on them in the appropriate manner.


Ensure that patient’s own drug (POD) supplies are maintained via the OSD re-supplies system in accordance with the relevant procedures.


Be responsible for the transfer of PODs for patients who may have already transferred to another ward without their medicines.


Accurately dispense medication in accordance with the agreed local policy and safe systems of work within the pharmacy department and at ward level, ensuring that there is no delay in a patient receiving their medication.


Ensure competent and accurate use of computers to access systems including but not limited to Ascribe, ICE, PAS, BedMan, and Medisec whilst maintaining patient confidentiality at all times as stated in the Trust confidentiality procedures.


Ensure accurate use of computer systems to record issues and returns of medication.  Maintain systems of stock control, speciality costings and maintain reasonable stock levels, in accordance with current policies and procedures.


Replenish ward and satellite pharmacies stock medicines.  This involves ordering stock lines via the stock replenishment team and ensuring that medication ordered is put away safely and securely on the ward.


Be responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of work to the dispensary and act as a liaison person between the dispensary and the TWBS staff with regards to the ordering, dispensing and delivery of medication.


Be responsible for checking the pharmacy delivery bag in pharmacy ensuring any medicines in the pharmacy bag are taken to the ward and securely stored in the ‘patients own drugs’ cabinets and fridge items stored in the ward fridge.


Monitor medicines security at ward level ensuring medicines are securely locked away in the appropriate manner. Report any breeches of medicines security to senior nursing staff and line manager.


Promptly deal with emergency supplies of medicines ensuring the process is completed thoroughly. Ensure that formulary, non-formulary and specialist medicines are ordered promptly from pharmacy procurement and all relevant documentation is completed prior to the supply and the delivery of the medication ensuring the minimum delay to the patient.


Be responsible for the ward bleep whilst on duty ensuring that they are signed in and out of the pharmacy department and answer promptly. Deal with emergency stock requests and queries from the ward or pharmacy staff and prioritise work accordingly. Escalate any enquiries outside the remit of a senior ward based pharmacy assistant’s roles and responsibilities to a relevant member of staff.


Be responsible for POD keys at all times ensuring that they are signed in and out of the pharmacy department.


Work independently by managing own time and workload, by prioritising urgent discharge prescriptions, non-stock items and re-supplies of medication.


Answer the telephone promptly and politely and deal with queries which may arise. Escalate any problems that are outside of your remit to a relevant member of staff.


Follow procedures when returning medications no longer required from the wards to the dispensary/stores areas.


Under the supervision of the ward based pharmacy technician investigate any missing medications at ward level liaising with ward based pharmacy technicians/pharmacists and dispensary staff.


Contribute to the recording and reporting of clinical and non-clinical incidents and good practice and excellence.


Undertake the above duties as and when required through all the specialities within TWBS including but not limited to paediatrics, adults, medicine, surgery, renal, critical care, and specialist medicine.


Undertake any other duties as may reasonably be required for the effective running of TWBS.


Other Duties


The provision of a high quality service, delivered in a professional, respectful, and courteous manner is a requirement of all staff employed by the pharmacy department.


Participate in the pharmacy extended hours service (late nights and weekends) as required to meet patient, healthcare, and service needs.


Undertake any other duties of a similar nature, which may be requested by the Director of Pharmacy.


The post holder may be required to work across any of the sites incorporated into Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.


Working conditions


Be sensitive and aware of patients’ conditions when encountering unpleasant smells, disabilities, behaviour, and communication problems.


Be aware of ward surroundings and know when to report incidents regarding patient care to ward staff.


Be discreet and respectful at all times when encountering the death of a patient.




Be responsible for the adherence and upholding of all Trust and departmental policies and procedures.


Be aware of and act on ward policies and procedures with regards to the ward and patient environment when coming into contact with specific conditions such as, MRSA, TB, other infectious conditions, barrier and reverse barrier nursing.


Be familiar with procedures and activities of other internal departments within pharmacy and be aware how they interact with the ward based technical service.




Maintain the ward based service documentation on a daily basis.  This involves transferring documentation to the relevant ward based staff as required and ensure that paperwork is filed in the correct place according to procedures when no longer in use.




The post holder will be appraised by the TWBS manager or another senior member of staff within the TWBS team.





Infection Control


It is a requirement for all staff to comply with all infection control policies and procedures as set out in the Trust’s Infection Control manual.  The post holder is also responsible for ensuring all their staff attends mandatory training, including infection control and to provide support to the Director of Infection Control.


Health and Safety


The trust has a statutory responsibility to provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment for its staff to work in. The post holder equally has a responsibility to ensure that they do nothing to jeopardise the health and safety of either themselves or anyone else. The Trust’s Health and Safety Policies outline your responsibilities regarding Health & Safety at Work.


The post holder must not willingly endanger him/herself or others whilst at work. Safe working practices and safety precautions must be adhered to.  Protective clothing and equipment must be used where appropriate.


All accidents/incidents must be reported to your Senior Manager and documented as per Trust Policy, including the reporting of potential hazards.




Ensure that the policy and legislation relating to child protection and safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults are adhered to. It is the responsibility ofall staff to report any concerns to the identified person within your department/division or area of responsibility.




The post holder has a responsibility to ensure the preservation of NHS property and resources.




The post holder is required to maintain confidentiality at all times in all aspects of their work.


Team Briefing


The Trust operates a system of team briefing, which is based on the principle that people will be more committed to their work if they fully understand reasons behind what is happening in their organisation and how it is performing.


Non Smoking Policy


The trust has adopted a smoking control policy, which policy applies to all staff, patients and visitors and extends to the hospital grounds as well as internal areas.  Staff appointed will agree not to smoke on hospital premises.


Equal Opportunities


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust encourages equal opportunities and operates an equal opportunities Policy.  All individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or disability are encouraged to apply for all advertised posts.




This job description indicates the main functions of the post holder and may be subject to regular review and amendment in the light of service development.  Any review will be undertaken in conjunction with the post holder and in line with Trust policy.



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Technical Ward Based Services




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