Our Members Feedback

Providing feedback to NHSP

Providing Feedback on Flexible Workers and NHSP Services 

At NHS Professionals we value the comments and opinions of our Partner Trusts so we can continue to improve our service. 



Let us know when we’ve done well or exceeded your expectations – for example if one of our Flexible Workers has shown exceptional dedication or commitment to his/her job or our local staff have provided exceptional support to your team. 

Compliments received via our feedback form will be recorded and shared with the Flexible Worker or corporate member of staff. 


Concerns about Flexible Workers (NHSP and agency) 

We also support Trusts in investigating and managing complaints. If you are concerned about an incident or there is a complaint about an NHSP Bank member or agency worker undertaking an assignment in your Trust then please discuss this with the individual at the time. If you continue to have concerns, then please inform us by submitting an online feedback form.  

Concerns about NHSP Service 

If you have concerns about any aspect of NHS Professionals services or staff, please raise these as soon as possible with the relevant supervisor or/ manager who will try to resolve the matter with you. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please inform NHS Professionals by submitting a feedback form.

All forms received will be acknowledged electronically or in writing within two days of receipt and should be responded to by the appropriate NHS Professionals department within 25 working days.