Our Members COVID-19 Bank Members FAQ's

Bank Member & Locum Doctor FAQ's

PLEASE NOTE: This advice is updated routinely to reflect the evolving situation around COVID-19. Please visit the official NHS website here for the latest information.

It is important that you follow official advice around preventative measures such as handwashing and etiquette around coughing and tissue use. See the official advice here

In line with DHSC guidance, you can take special leave with pay for the recommended period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19. Your health and safety is our priority and this special pay provision is in place to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.You will receive the normal shift payment for pre-booked shifts during any period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19. Please cancel out of the pre-booked shifts using the option "self-isolation" and then fill in our self isolation form hereThese shifts will be automatically released on your behalf.This method will create greater equity for all workers supporting Trusts at this critical time, regardless of contractual arrangements. 


You can check your previously booked shifts on My Bank 10 days after they were due to be worked, please do not call or email our service centre to follow up before the 10 days as we are currently experiencing very high call and email volumes and we may not be able to respond to you. We will do everything we can to process the shifts quicker than this however we have a significant number of self-isolation requests and queries to process.  If after 10 days you are unable to see these shifts please do contact us. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


For any another medical condition, NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct have a sick pay policy in place. Although there is no legal obligation to offer Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), it is usual that the equivalent of SSP is paid to our workers.

The safety of our bank members is always our priority and we work in partnership with our NHS Trust partners at all times to ensure this and maintain the highest standards of infection control. In relation to the current situation around COVID-19, if, as part of your shift, you are asked to work in an area where there are patients who have contracted the virus or are suspected to have done so, we will work with the Trust to ensure you have all the necessary PPE and Fit Testing as appropriate. If you are not asked to work in one of these affected areas as part of your shift, then PPE and Fit Testing will not be necessary.
The health and social care systems and public health authorities in all parts of the UK have cascaded information widely to all health professionals on steps to take if they identify patients who may have COVID-19. Visit the official NHS website here.
Bank members and locum doctors can book holiday as usual, but we would always encourage our workers to try and support patients and staffing in their Trusts.

Our Trusts always welcome those wanting to book shifts and help support staffing and patient care. If you would like to help the NHS, especially during the pandemic, please register to join the NHS Bank here. If you already a bank member, simply log on to My:Bank to see what shifts are available.