Support and Feedback

NHS Professionals customer service centre contact number: 03332 407 552.

You can find lots of top tips and frequently asked questions on our Help & Advice pages.

If you would still like to get in touch with us, please choose one of the following.

General Enquiries and Support

You can open a support ticket below.

Open a support ticket


Agency Support

If you are a NHSP CAMS supplier, an agency user or you’re from a NHS Trust and your query relates to agencies you can open an agency support ticket below.

Open an agency support ticket


Submit Feedback

We are here to help and endeavour to support our Bank Members, Applicants and Client Trusts. We welcome compliments, complaints, and feedback to help ensure we continually improve our service.

Once you have submitted your feedback, the relevant team will be in touch with you; depending on the nature of your concern/feedback timescales for a resolution may vary. Don’t worry though - you will be kept updated with the progress throughout this time.

We are continually working to review, assess and improve our processes and service and are grateful for all feedback we receive.

1. Clinical Feedback

If you are a bank member or trust you can submit feedback in relation to an assignment worked.

Submit clinical feedback

2. Compliments

If you are a Bank Member or Trust you can submit compliments in relation to a Bank Member or assignment worked.

Submit a compliment

3. Service Feedback

If you are an existing or prospective NHS Professionals Bank Member or Trust you can tell us about your experience, compliments, complaints or provide feedback on our service.

Submit service feedback