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Lily has worked for the NHS for more than 20 years! She is an inspiration to us, as Lily has committed her time to helping those in need within the Cardiac department, as a Cardiac Physiologist. Through this position, Lily has been able to utilise her skills and training to provide care to individuals that suffer with heart conditions. While she is not caring for others, Lily enjoys taking trips to the theatre, being a volunteer and traveling to lovely overseas excursions. We would like to thank you for dedicating many years of service, it is greatly appreciated!

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Emily is currently working as a Health Care Scientist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, helping to make a difference to peoples’ lives. She started her healthcare journey in Nottingham, providing support and care to those who need help. In her free time, Emily enjoys keeping fit and healthy at the gym with her friends and reading.

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Being a Security Officer initially, Osaretin made a life-changing/defining career move to become a Health Care Scientist. Such a change was encouraged, as Osaretin wanted to provide supportive care to those in need. By working at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Osaretin is fulfilling this goal and more, as Osaretin in the future hopes to study to become a Nursing professional to continue providing helpful care to individuals.

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