Accessing NHSP:Online using Internet Explorer 11

If you use the latest version of the website browser 'Internet Explorer' to access NHSP:Online you may be experiencing issues when performing usual functions e.g. releasing timesheets or navigating the menu options.
This issue can be resolved by amending a setting in your browser; click here for a quick guide explaining how to do this.

For technical support email
web.support@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk or call the Service Centre on: 03332 407 552

 Trust Users


If you are experiencing slow performance, it could be your local network connection.

Some NHS Trusts may find that this link via the N3 network (below, in green) delivers better performance.

Please Note: This link only works from within an NHS Trust; it will not work from home.

If this link leads you to a dead page, this means your system is not connected to the N3 network.

Simply press the ‘back’ button on the browser at the top left of the screen back.jpg to return to this page and select the blue NHSP:Online button instead.