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 Useful information on claiming expenses

If you are authorised to claim expenses for the shift you work, you will need to submit an approved expenses form to payroll. Before you send it in, please make sure that the form is signed and dated by you and your Manager. The date on the form must be on or after the date of the last amount you have claimed. If the approver does not date the form or the date is earlier than the date of your latest claim, the form will be returned to you unpaid.
For example, if the last item on the form is for mileage on 25th June, you and the approver must sign and date the form on 25th June or later than this date but not more than 3 months after. If it is dated 23rd June the form would be rejected.
For more information, please contact our 24 hours service centre on 03332 407 552 or email fwhr@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk

Authoriser Timesheet Notification Issue in NHSP:Online
If you are responsible for authorising timesheets and experiencing issues viewing your ‘Ward Inform’ and ‘Queried timesheet’ notifications on the NHSP:Online homepage , please follow the instructions below.
1.       Select ‘Notifications’ from the menu option.  The ‘Ward Inform Tasks’ will appear
2.       Click on ‘Timesheets’ menu option
3.       Filter for ‘Queried Timesheets’ to see any time timesheets that may have been queried
Click here>>  for a quick guide of viewing your notifications and timesheet queries (page 5).