Clinical Governance
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Practical Governance Support

NHS Professionals is ready to help with support in all aspects of Clinical Governance and the following texts and downloads are part of our commitment to excellence.

National Early Warning Score

In July 2012 Professor Bryan Williams, chair of a multidisciplinary working party funded by the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, the National Outreach Forum and NHS Training and Innovation, launched the National Early Warning Score (NEWS).
Speaking at a press conference to launch the NEWS, Professor Williams, estimated that 6,000 lives could be saved by its use.

Trusts are now moving towards an approach which is consistent across the NHS by using the standard NEWS Toolkit with the same charts and processes which will:

Provide the basis for a unified and systematic approach to both the first assessment of the patient and continuous tracking of their clinical condition throughout their stay, with a simple trigger for escalating their care.

Standardise the training of all staff engaged in the care of patients in hospitals in the NEWS system, so that staff should only need to be trained once instead of each time they move to a hospital that has a different system.

You can access the NEWS online training by clicking here.

Once you have completed the eLearning course you will be able to print a certificate, which will act as evidence of completion. 
An electronic copy of this certificate along with confirmation of successful completion of any practical competency assessment in a Trust can be emailed to to enable the training information to be added to your file this information can be used as part of your evidence of CPD for your prep requirement.

Standard Infection Control Precautions

Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICP) are designed to prevent cross transmission from recognised and unrecognised sources of infection and this downloadable PDF offers guidance applicable to all health care personnel working for NHS Professionals in any healthcare setting, including Acute, Mental Health and Primary Care and Community NHS Trusts.
To download the Standard Infection Control Precautions PDF click here >>

NHS Professionals Infection Control Policy

NHS Professionals works in partnership with NHS Trusts to provide high quality flexible staff to acute, mental health and primary care organisations across England. As an accountable organisation there is a requirement for NHS Professionals to have a policy that outlines the strategic arrangements for their flexible workers for the prevention and control of infection which will support the policies in each client Trust.
To download the NHS Professionals Infection Control Policy PDF click here >>

Blood transfusion training

You are now able to access a nationally recognised eLearning course which will provide a sound knowledge base regarding the safer administration of blood and blood products.
This course can be accessed by clicking here >>
You will be required to enter your 'Location' and 'Job Role'. For the purposes of registration, please select 'NHS England' followed by 'NHS Professionals Ltd' as your location. For Job role, we advise you select 'Nursing and Midwifery' followed by one of options listed in the 'Bank Nursing' sub category.
The 'Learn Blood Transfusion' course provides evidence based information which is broken down into different modules and which is suitable for both Registered Nurses and Care Support Workers as follows:
  • Module 1 - Safe Transfusion Practice - appropriate for all RNs and CSWs.
  • Module 1 - Safe Transfusion Practice for Paediatrics - appropriate for RNs and CSWs working in child health.
  • Module 2 - Blood Components and Indications for use - appropriate for all RNs.
NHSP strongly recommend that all flexible workers complete the above modules by the end of January 2011.
Some Trusts may be in the process of arranging for flexible workers to undertake a practical blood transfusion competency assessment whilst working on an assignment inline with the Right Patient, Right Blood and NPSA Core blood competencies assessment framework. The information and knowledge available in the learning modules will support the successful completion of that assessment.
At the end of the eLearning course you will be able to print a certificate which can be shown to Trusts as required as evidence of completion. An electronic copy of this certificate along with confirmation of successful completion of any practical competency assessment in a trust can be emailed to to enable the training information to be added to your file.

Placement testimonial document to support Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) revalidation

The General Medical Council (GMC) has introduced revalidation and in 2015 the NMC will be introducing a 3 yearly revalidation for all registered nurses. It is likely that other regulatory bodies such as the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) will also look to introduce a similar process in the future.

We have created a document that can be used as feedback when working a shift and can be completed by a Trust member of staff, which covers skills and abilities and is divided in to 4 main areas with the following sub categories:

1.    Attitude to Work  
2.    Attributes  
3.    Clinical Skills
4.    Appearance

This document can be used as evidence of peer review, which will form part of your revalidation submission.

Click here to view the document which can be printed off.

Click here to view the conflict management and breakaway workbook, which provides valuable advice on how to escalate a difficult working situation and strategies that can be adopted.

Clinical guidelines to be read alongside Trust specific guidelines